Own developments and high-quality products.


The fact that high-quality concrete elements are our passion is reflected in the successful founding history of Picker Betonsteinwerk.

The first step to a successful business company

The first step towards the foundation of the long-established family business Picker Betonsteinwerk was taken more than 34 years ago. At that time, more precisely on 1 June 1984, Horst Picker registered a business with the description of activities „Production of precast concrete parts by hand vibrators in hand moulds“. Horst Picker, a committed one-man company, was initially responsible for production, sales and delivery alone. Within a short time, the company developed into a successful commercial enterprise. Already after three years of continuous growth Horst Picker hired the first production employee.

Steady expansion of Picker Betonsteinwerk with family management

If the production site of Picker Betonsteinwerk was initially still located in rented premises in Hille-Rothenuffeln in East Westphalia, the concrete specialist was to expand continuously. The delivery of the prefabricated concrete parts, with a 3. 5 t Magirus-Deutz truck, built in 1940, already proved to be entrepreneurial class at that time. In 1993 his wife Elisabeth Picker joined the flourishing company by taking over the commercial management. Soon afterwards his son Guido Picker did the same as his parents and joined the company in 1997. Now completely under family management, Picker Betonsteinwerk expanded steadily.

Picker Betonsteinwerk - Hersteller von Hofabläufen ✓ Hof- und Kellersinkkästen Diebstahlsicherung ✓ Trennsystemen ✓ Entwässerungstechnik ✓ Schächten ✓ Gullies ✓ Straßenabläufen ✓ in Minden

Family business on around 30,000 square meters of factory space

In the following years, the family business hired further employees for the production of the custom-made concrete elements. In 2003, the company acquired a 30,000 square meter factory site in Minden-Meißen, including various production halls and office buildings. The next year saw the move from Hille to the new company premises in Minden.

Guido Picker took over the company in 2015. Today, 4 years later, the company Picker Betonsteinwerk works far beyond the national borders and also supplies its customers in neighbouring countries. In the meantime the name Picker stands for quality and offers a very high standard.

In 2018 Lukas Picker, the eldest son of Guido Picker, also joined the company after successfully completing his training and is now the third generation of the owner-managed company.

As your personal specialist for precast concrete elements, we at Picker Betonsteinwerk focus on innovative progress

From the very beginning, the company has relied on its own developments. Right from the start, a purchased standard floor paver for filling and compacting concrete for the production of house sink boxes, grate shafts, boundary and base stones was individually converted.

For more than three decades, Picker Betonsteinwerk has been gaining a wealth of experience in the interaction of concrete with iron, aluminium and plastic parts. Accordingly, all machines and moulds used in production today are based on our own developments. The moulds themselves are produced directly in the company. The further improvement of operating procedures, the optimisation of existing products and the development of new customer-oriented products remain a constant concern of Betonsteinwerk Picker.

The satisfaction of our customers, sales partners and commercial agents has been our highest priority for more than 34 years. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us and look forward to many more successful years together with Picker Betonsteinwerk.

Picker Betonsteinwerk - Hersteller von Hofabläufen ✓ Hof- und Kellersinkkästen Diebstahlsicherung ✓ Trennsystemen ✓ Entwässerungstechnik ✓ Schächten ✓ Gullies ✓ Straßenabläufen ✓ in Minden


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